Klaine fic: Touch, Feel / cisgirl!Klaine / R / ~2k words 

 For Jay.  Because she had to go and make this post about cisgirl!Blaine wearing Dalton panties.  Like I could refuse that image.  Thanks to Lindsey and Kayla for betaing (they’re the best and will get sick of me eventually).  Also, this is my first time writing cisgirl!Klaine, so go easy on me. :)

"I just think it would be really cute," Blaine sighs, tugging absently at the bottom of her pony tail. "Don’t you think so?"

Kurt looks up from the magazine she had been reading, bright glossy pages filled with beautiful clothing. She’s lying on Blaine’s bed, her navy and red plaid skirt drifting up past her knees, and glances over to where Blaine is sitting at her desk.  ”Hmm?  What was that?”

Blaine closes her text book and pulls at the buttons on her blazer. “To have underwear that matched our uniforms,” she says again and this time Kurt pays attention. “It’d be super cute, right? I’ve looked all over, but I can’t find any with red and navy.”

Kurt nods and then clears her throat, a thought popping into her mind. “I could probably make you some.”

A wide smile breaks out across Blaine’s lips. “Really?” she asks and Kurt nods. “That would be great!” She quickly gets up from her chair and crosses the room to where Kurt is still laid out on the bed.  Blaine flings herself onto the mattress, Kurt’s body bouncing when Blaine hits the bed. They both giggle as Blaine climbs up Kurt’s body, her fingers gripping at Kurt’s soft hips.

"Best girlfriend ever," Blaine says and leans down for a kiss.


Kurt goes shopping for fabric the very next day. She wears her school uniform to the mall, plaid skirt and tight blazer, to make sure everything matches perfectly.

Blaine hadn’t mentioned what kind of underwear she wanted and unfortunately Kurt doesn’t know from personal experience. She goes back and forth over which pattern to use, but ultimately decides on the thong. The thought of Blaine’s butt uncovered, only a small piece of fabric across her lower back, makes Kurt’s stomach bubble with heat. She guesses on Blaine’s size as she makes them, remembering her round thighs and small hips.

It takes Kurt less than a day to finish. It’s a small piece, nothing as difficult as the hours she’s spent on skirts and blouses and trousers. When she’s finished, last bow stitched in place, she holds them up for inspection. It’s definitely some of her best work and she knows it’s because she had Blaine on her mind the whole time.


Kurt knocks softly on Blaine’s door after classes have let out for the day. She has a tight grip on her purse, panties tucked inside, and waits while Blaine hollers out, “just a second!” Kurt taps her free hand against the doorway, fingernails making a taptaptap noise as she waits out her impatience.

"Kurt, hi!" Blaine says, her voice high and cheerful. She opens the door wide enough for Kurt to slip through, kissing her on the cheek before shutting it softly.

"Hey," Kurt says, slipping off her shoes and walking over to Blaine’s bed to sit down, pulling at the end of her shirt while she crosses her legs. Blaine is still in her uniform too, and Kurt can’t help but smile at the argyle knee high socks that she’s wearing,  just barely within the dress code. She sits down next to Kurt and tucks her legs under her body, skirt falling over her knees, leaning closer to Kurt until their shoulders touch.

"I have something for you," Kurt says softly.

"You do?" Blaine asks, tucking a piece of Kurt’s hair behind her ear. "What is it?"

"Um," Kurt starts, suddenly nervous. "It’s the, um.  The underwear you wanted to match your uniform? I made them."

Blaine lets out a tiny squeal and grips onto Kurt’s arm. “You did? Really? Can I see them?”

Kurt turns to her side and reaches into her purse. She feels around until her fingers brush the soft fabric. She pulls out the panties and places them on Blaine’s lap. “Here.”

Blaine picks up the underwear slowly, letting them unfold and getting a better look. They’re a deep red with dark navy lace for the trim and a bow on each side. “They’re perfect, Kurt. I love them.” Blaine leans over and presses a soft kiss to her lips and Kurt tastes vanilla. “Thank you.”

"You’re welcome," Kurt says, wishing that Blaine would press their lips together again. But Blaine is too busy inspecting her new panties, letting her fingers catch on the soft fabric. She giggles and Kurt asks, "what?"

"A thong, hmm?" Blaine says, her eyes sparkling as she looks over to Kurt.

Kurt’s pale cheeks flush red and she shrugs a shoulder. “I thought it would look good on you.”

Blaine’s eyes darken for only a second and Kurt almost misses it. “I’m going to go try these on,” Blaine says, patting Kurt on the knee. She raises up from the bed and makes her way to the connected bathroom, door shutting quietly behind her.

Kurt feels hot all over, knowing that Blaine is undressing in the next room. She starts to think about it; Blaine in the new underwear, how the colors would look against her pale thighs.

The door opens abruptly and Kurt jerks her head up like she was caught.

"I love them," Blaine announces, twirling around once in happiness. Her skirt kicks up and Kurt imagines she can see the tops of Blaine’s thighs.

"I’m glad," Kurt says. She gets up from the bed and goes over to Blaine, who’s standing in the middle of the room. "Do they fit okay?" she asks, her fingers trailing down Blaine’s front and counting the buttons on Blaine’s blouse.

"Yeah," Blaine whispers, biting into the skin on her bottom lip. "Perfect fit."

"Hmm," Kurt hums, feeling a little more confident knowing that Blaine is nervous too. "Can I see?"

"Can you—" Blaine says, trailing off. Her eyes are wide, a few loose curls frame her forehead that have escaped from her pony tail after a long day.

"To make sure they fit," Kurt explains. Her fingers pluck at the waist of Blaine’s skirt. "Please?"  Blaine nods quickly, arms reaching out to rest in the curve of Kurt’s hip.

Kurt reaches to Blaine’s side, fingering the familiar zipper that Kurt knows well from her own uniform. She unhooks the clasp and pulls at the zipper until the skirt rests loosely on Blaine’s hips. “Is this okay?” she asks.

Blaine swallows before answering. “Of course it is.”

Kurt barely has to touch the skirt before it’s falling off of Blaine, past her knees and pooling at her ankles. Her white blouse is wrinkled from where it was tucked in and it’s just long enough to cover the underwear.

Kurt pulls them closer, until their stomachs are pressing together and Kurt can feel Blaine’s soft breasts right up against her. She can’t see the panties, but that doesn’t stop Kurt from reaching around and touching the back of the thong, the thin line of lace that rests against the top of Blaine’s ass. Kurt just feels the fabric at first, light presses of her fingers.

"Kurt," Blaine says softly, dropping her head onto Kurt’s shoulder. "Please."

Kurt’s fingers follow the line of fabric, down down down until it disappears between Blaine’s cheeks. She moves her hand over to Blaine’s right cheek, squeezing lightly and causing Blaine to rise up onto her toes.

"You feel so good, Blaine," Kurt murmurs, her hand palming all over Blaine’s bare ass. Her ass is round and full, the skin so smooth underneath Kurt’s hand. Even more amazing are the soft moans Kurt can feel against her neck.

"Come on," Kurt says, letting go of Blaine’s ass and pulling her over onto the bed. The bed is small, so when Blaine lies down on her back, Kurt curls up to her side so they both can fit.

Kurt leans over, their breasts pressing together as Kurt moves to Blaine’s lips. They kiss slowly for a few minutes, the movement of their lips practiced and routine. Kurt’s hair falls forward against Blaine’s cheeks, lightly tickling her skin.

"I’m going to look," Kurt says when she pulls back. She looks Blaine right in the eye. "Is that okay?"  Blaine sucks in a deep breath and nods.

Kurt reaches down and slowly unbuttons the bottom of Blaine’s shirt where it sits against the tops of her thighs, spreading the blouse open to reveal Blaine’s soft tummy. And just a little further down, the panties.

They cover the small bump of Blaine’s mound, tight like a second skin. The lace sits on her lower stomach, dipping in each time she takes a breath.

"You’re beautiful," Kurt breathes out, amazement in her voice. Blaine’s thighs are spread slightly and the skin inside is so pale and looks so soft. "Can I touch you?" Kurt asks before she can stop herself.

"Please. Kurt, please," Blaine answers, a faint red blush coloring her stomach under Kurt’s gaze. She grips onto Kurt’s thigh to ground herself, fingers digging into the fabric of Kurt’s skirt.

Kurt’s hands travel feather-light around the inside of Blaine’s thighs, down to her knees and back up again. The skin is soft, softer than Kurt could have imagined. She trails her fingernails against the skin, watching bright red lines show up before quickly disappearing.

Underneath her, Blaine is trembling. Her eyes are shut and her teeth are pressed into her lip. She looks amazing, her chest rising and falling quickly in short breaths. Kurt is paying so much attention to Blaine’s face that she doesn’t notice her fingers are getting closer and closer to Blaine’s center. Her knuckles brush where Blaine is already warm and damp and Blaine gasps.

"Kurt," she cries, unconsciously shifting her hips closer to Kurt’s hand. "Can you do that again?" she asks, breathless.

Kurt nods, even though Blaine’s eyes are squeezed shut. She looks down, her knuckles pressed up against Blaine’s pussy. She moves them until it’s her fingertips purposely pushing against Blaine.

"You’re already wet," Kurt mutters, mostly to herself but Blaine groans too. Kurt can feel the heat radiating from her, the wetness that is already starting to seep through her underwear, the panties turning a darker red between her thighs.

Kurt rubs gently at first, inexperience making her a little hesitant. She does to Blaine what feels good to her, pressing down between her folds until she can run small circles against Blaine’s clit.

"Kurt," Blaine calls out, her hips lifting off the bed to meet Kurt’s fingers. "Feels—feels so good," she stutters out.

Kurt presses down against Blaine’s pussy harder, moving her fingers in a quick side to side motion. She can clearly feel how wet Blaine is now, soaking through the underwear and into Kurt’s skin.

"Yes, please. Please," Blaine begs, her cheeks red and her fingers digging even harder into Kurt’s thigh. Her hips are moving fast now, matching the movement of Kurt’s fingers.

"You feel so good," Kurt whispers, watching as Blaine spreads her legs open even wider. She’s writhing beneath Kurt, her cries high and incoherent when Kurt moves her hand even faster.

Her other arm is basically trapped between them, but Kurt maneuvers until her fingers are creeping underneath Blaine’s panties, right next to her dripping center. She doesn’t stop rubbing Blaine’s clit through the panties as she goes, a continuous friction that has Blaine shaking.

Kurt sneaks the fingers on her free hand underneath Blaine’s panties and is immediately met with wetness. It had felt good with a layer of fabric between them, but it feels so much better like this; Blaine’s skin, warm and wet around Kurt’s fingers. It feels amazing and Kurt can’t help but slip one of her fingers inside.

Blaine suddenly spasms beneath her, body jerking and her toes digging into the mattress. She cries out, riding Kurt’s hand as her orgasm washes over her, covering Kurt’s hand with even more wetness.

Kurt slips her fingers out from the panties, resting one hand on Blaine’s stomach and the other on her thigh. She kisses Blaine’s neck as Blaine comes down, sharp panting breaths slowly evening out.

"Wow," Kurt says. Her head feels light from watching Blaine, her body tingling.

"Mmm," Blaine agrees. "Do you know what I think?" she asks, a content smile on her face.

"What?" Kurt says, her fingers running gentle patterns underneath Blaine’s belly button."

"I think you should make yourself a matching pair."

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